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duo show at gallery Ramakers, the Hague
opening sunday january 7 
till februari 4

Abstraction in the art is an ongoing journey for me. I've always made abstract works. I couldn't image doing otherwise.
Right from the start I was interested in abstract painters. I've never felt the need to tell a story with my work. 
I am concerned with the material and the painting proces itself.
Searching, experimentations and exploring the possibilities and the boundaries within my paintings in terms of different materials,
composition, color, plane and space, without a reference to reality.
Materials and the image, everything that turns a canvas into a painting, can evove from an unknown territory to the more well known domain and back.
The pleasure in experimenting and finding new solutions inspires me every day.
It reflects the dailly job as a painter; watching, searching, performong, interaction, correcting, weighting, recording, making decisions etc...

I think it is a different task and experience for a viewer to be touched by an abstract artwork than a work that through the figuration easier send you in one direction. Many viewers find it really delicious not to be pushed into a certain direction and because of this, making an abstract painting is such a big challenge. It is always about the essence of painting.
While I started out with a tight pattern of lined and planes at the beginning of my career as a visual artist, gradually my work became released from thes boundaries and allowed the unpredictable; sense and reason came together.
The many different experiments in images and materials has resulted in a body of work that shows its speciality in several
series such as 'what's up, what's down', 'Seraphine', 'cross points', 'cross over', what's behind' etc.....
The titles of the series are often connected with the method I build up a painting or it is a free association on the image.